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Over the past several months, the Method Medium dev team has been hard at work creating next-level solutions for clients who have taken their businesses online and are hungry to succeed despite everything 2020 has thrown at us.

Our longtime client, Meg, a small independent clothing line, reached out to Method Medium for help migrating their e-commerce business from an aging platform to Shopify, the popular site that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products. Once we learned more about Meg’s brand, their proud history, philosophy, and current struggle to reach new customers in the age of “social distancing”, we carefully developed a custom and comprehensive Shopify solution, allowing Meg to grow their online business effectively.

Custom Shopify Features and Services

While Shopify, by default, came with the tools needed to set up their online shop, Meg was missing out on several essential features that would give them the competitive edge needed to stand out amongst other clothing lines. The following is a list of features, services, and extra sales channels Method Medium integrated into Meg’s Shopify store.

Data Migration

Retaining important company information is crucial for any business. We migrated over five years of Meg’s sales history including helpful customer notes from their previous POS and e-commerce systems.

Your Shop on Social Media

With billions of Daily Active Users on sites like Facebook, take advantage of the opportunity to simultaneously increase your brand’s audience and sales. We integrated Meg’s Shopify store into their company’s Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages so users can literally shop securely while staying on their favorite platform.

Live Chat

In addition to adding Meg’s Shopify store to social media, we also set up this user-friendly feature across three different channels. For example, potential customers can speak with a staff member, seek recommendations, or browse various items all from within Facebook’s Messenger.
Apple Business Chat was integrated as well, providing customers on iOS devices a direct and private line of communication with Meg’s stylists.

Your Shop on Amazon and Google

Meg’s clothing line also launched on Amazon and Google’s marketplaces via Shopify. We handled the technical integration, so now Meg can easily choose the items they want to appear on each site, leveraging another huge sales channel.

SMS Marketing

Short Message Service (SMS) has always been a strong sales channel for Meg as part of the personal service they offer. Customers can choose to subscribe to SMS in the same way as email. Meg can now send targeted, bulk SMS to segments of her audience. SMS can also be sent to customers from the Point of Sale (POS) iPad.

Special Order Fulfillment and Cross Promotion

Meg does not sell footwear. However, they know a shoe designer who does and they also have a Shopify store. Method Medium enabled a feature that lets Meg choose footwear from the shoe designer’s store and virtually sell them on Meg’s shop. If a customer buys a pair of shoes on Meg’s shop, Meg will share a portion of the sale; the order will then be fulfilled by the shoe designer’s company.

Back-in-Stock Notification

Meg can now automatically notify customers via email or text message when an item comes back in stock.

Geo Location Problems Solved

Meg’s brand operates two websites: a .com and a .ca (as in Canada). Method Medium created a custom solution to sync Meg’s product information, item stock, Canadian services and prices across both sites making it a worry-free process for international shoppers.

Manage and See Everything in Once Place

With so many sales channels to keep track of, analyzing each one can be more than a headache. Our Shopify solution simplified this by letting Meg view and analyze a wide array of detailed sales reports from within their account.

POS (Point of Sale) Integration

We migrated an existing POS system to Shopify POS for 4 physical stores and trunk shows, using the retail kit for iPad. Now all online and in-store inventory is centrally managed through Shopify admin. 

QR Codes

We created QR code labels for in-store and garment tag use, giving customers quick access to information about Meg’s company and products via their smartphone, and allowing them quickly to subscribe for SMS updates on the latest offers.

Convenient Delivery and Pickup Options

Adjusting to life in the “New Normal” has posed a unique challenge. We added curbside, in-store pickup, and same-day local delivery options.

Helping You Reach Your Goals For Years to Come

Meg’s exit from a lackluster e-commerce platform to Shopify was an all round success. Of the many clear benefits to bringing a brick-and-mortar store online, an unexpected one Meg experienced was a reduction of waste. Now, instead of overproducing a piece of clothing, Meg takes advantage of our Back-in-Stock analytics to know how many to make in advance (or even keep in stock). As a result, the saved time, money, and resources can now be applied to other facets of the company. Playing a role in helping longtime clients like Meg and others achieve their goals is what has kept Method energized for over two decades.

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