The METHOD MEDIUM team helped us launch our newest sales channel on Rakuten Ichiba. The whole team was extremely helpful from the first step and throughout the whole process of applying, registering, designing, and finally launching the store.

With the help of the bilingual team at METHOD MEDIUM and especially their primary contact Sachi, we were able to smoothly break into local Japanese e-commerce with a sleek new design package, well-thought-out store layout within Rakuten's parameters, and now enjoy a solid foundation of trust ready for future projects and future expansion into other sales channels.

We are happy to work with METHOD MEDIUM on future projects and look forward to experiencing more of their expertise.
Method IT has been there for me since the start of my business, and we are currently on the fourth version of my web/e-commerce site, beginning with Magento in 2010.  

Most recently, we migrated from LightSpeed to Shopify including a point-of-sale (POS) system across multiple stores and countries. This has resulted in a major increase to my web traffic and online sales, along with a substantial decrease to my ongoing overhead.

We integrated various sales channels to Shopify in this process, allowing clients to make purchases across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon (as well as Shop).

My continuing management contract with Method has eased my many ongoing issues with IT and allowed me to focus on running my business knowing my staff and customers alike will always receive a superior user experience.
KPLMPG engaged Method IT to build our company website, refine our marketing/branding to better reflect our services, and create unique, innovative tools that will help make our workflow and protocols more efficient, effective and responsive to our clients’ needs.

Our migration from G-Suite to Microsoft Office 365 was a challenge for all of us, but together we were able to quickly adapt to the system and have found that it vastly improved our internal workflow and communication.

The Method team have added incredible value and insight throughout the process, building a more powerful and compelling platform than we ever could have expected or imagined. They work tirelessly to ensure that we are not only always delivering to our customers at the highest level, but also keep us prepared for the ways we will continue to grow and evolve in the future.



Sell on Amazon Japan

Tap into the lucrative Japanese market, sell on the most dominant e-commerce platform! | もし、お客様がオンラインでの商品販売を通して、日本市場への参入を真剣にご検討されているのなら、Amazonの利用をお勧めします。

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SEO Shape-Up

Shape up your website or e-commerce shop and get found with our SEO package. | Google Japanのような検索エンジンで あなたのサイトを検索上位に!

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Website Traffic Management

Lost on the web? Want to be found? Our ongoing traffic management service covers all aspects of getting more visitors in - content management, SEO, analytics, social media management, custom reports, and progress checks and planning at a monthly meeting.

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