Website Traffic Management

Lost on the web? Want to be found?

Drive customers

  • A monthly contract service to get your website found with constant and consistent optimization.
  • A packaged combination of elements from Website Makeover and Website Tune-up , plus analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media setup and workflow, and online advertising.
  • A monthly meeting to track progress and set up new goals.

Optimize Pages

  • Set up new posts, pages, and campaign landing pages in your chosen Content Management System.
  • Ensure pages are coded for the best performance possible to improve search engine ranking and loading times.
  • Translation from English to Japanese or Japanese to English as required.
  • Tweak CMS theme and plugins for optimum performance.
  • Add all necessary tracking code for analytics and ongoing reports.

Rise & Analyze

  • Set up of analytics reports, goals, events, custom dashboards, and more.
  • Search keywords and search ranking analytics.
  • Advertising performance analytics.
  • Optimization of content and code to boost search engine results and ranking.
  • Analytics fine tuning to measure user activity and revenue generated.

Finders, Keepers

  • Optimization to increase the ranking of your site or campaign, and get greater exposure in search engines.
  • Tools to measure how people are finding you.
  • Scans to see where there is room for improvement.
  • Reports to see how your competitors are faring.
  • Techniques to reduce bounce rate and increase repeat visits.


  • Automated posting to social media from your website.
  • Introducing time-saving, strategized social media workflows with bulk and scheduled posting from a single management platform. 
  • Connect your website with social media accounts (incoming and outgoing –  following, sharing, embedding)
  • Connect with your CRM and email marketing services (sign up forms for newsletters, downloads, etc.)
  • Correct set up of all your new social media and email marketing accounts.

Add Ads

  • Pay-per-click advertising campaign management for all major search engines.
  • Constant optimization of ads to boost visits and conversions.
  • Advertising management across the Google network.
  • Social media advertising – LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • Analytics – custom reports to measure the success of your campaigns.

Get Insights

  • Monthly meeting to review progress
  • Monthly performance reports for your website, analytics, search, ads, and social media
  • Mothly audience insights

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