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Get your site primed and ready to be found in search engines like Google Japan! | Google Japanのような検索エンジンで あなたのサイトを検索上位に!

Basic Search engine
optimization (SEO) Service


Shape up your website or e-commerce shop and get found with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service. We will apply current best practices to ensure that your site appears in Google Japan’s Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs) in a relevant, concise, and organized manner. Additionally, we’ll optimize the technical aspects of your site, like page speed and responsiveness, which search engines love to scrutinize during the indexing process. By the time we’re finished, your site will be ready to welcome organic traffic from Google and other search engines. 

Method Medium検索エンジン最適化(SEO)サービスで、お客様のウェブサイトやE-コマースショップを改善し、検索上位に表示させてみませんか。私たちは最新のベストプラクティスを応用し、Google Japanの検索エンジンランキングページ(SERP)上で、関連性が高く、簡潔に整理されたかたちでお客様のサイトが表示されるよう調整します。さらに、ページスピードや応答性など、検索エンジンがインデックス作成時に重要視する技術的な側面も最適化します。このような作業を通して、Googleやその他の検索エンジンからの有機的なアクセスを受け入れる環境を整備します。

Keyword Research & Application


We uncover the many keywords and phrases people are using to search for companies and services in your industry (i.e., your competition). With these insights, and following best practices, we will optimize the content of your site. In turn, these improvements will give Google Japan a better understanding of where to position your site’s content in its Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs) in relation to the competition.

私たちはお客様が属する業界企業(競合他社やサービスを検索する際に使用されるキーワードフレーズを探し出します。これらの情報ベストプラクティスに基づいて、サイトのコンテンツを最適化します。この一連の作業を行うことで、Google Japan検索ランキングページ(SERPで、お客様のサイトのコンテンツを競合他社と比較してどの位置に表示すべきかを判断することが可能となります 

Text & Graphics Optimizations


On top of Keyword Research & Application, we will make further optimizations to your site’s content. For example, we will check and apply proper usage of HTML — that is the structural elements of your site like titles, sub-headings, italics, lists, and so on.


Graphical elements like images and video will also be supplied with the descriptive info needed for Google and other search engines to recognize, understand, and include you in their SERPs. 


Technical SEO


Search engines also pay attention to things like: how quickly your site loads; if it’s mobile-friendly; if it’s secure. We make sure all the technical bits are fine-tuned for Google to smoothly “crawl” your site and give the thumbs-up.


Internal Link Building


Linking from one page on your site to another helps search engines like Google better understand your website’s structure. It also informs the relevance and overall importance of these pages. We will carefully build an internal linking profile following recommended criteria.


In Japan Google is King!


DID YOU KNOW? Google takes the top spot in Japan’s search engine market share at 72%! Trailing considerably behind are Yahoo (23%), Bing (4%), Others (1%).


Source / 出典:Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications総務省 資料   

Google Analytics Setup & Configuration


Detailed information and statistics regarding traffic coming to your site from Google can be viewed in Google Analytics (GA). For example, time spent on your site, where (geographically) visitors are located, what keywords or phrases are being used to find you, and so on. We will set up and configure your Google Analytics account in a way that displays the most helpful information front and center. So whenever you access this account, an up-to-date report will be waiting for you to look over.

Googleからお客様のサイトへ送られるトラフィックについての詳細な情報や統計は、Google アナリティクスで確認できます。例えば、サイトでの滞在時間、訪問者のアクセス地、訪問時に検索で使用したキーワードやフレーズなどの情報を閲覧することが可能です。最も有用な情報を中央に見やすく表示させるなど、私たちがお客様のGoogleアナリティクスアカウントのセットアップと調整を行います。このアカウントにアクセスすれば、いつでも最新のレポートに目を通すことができるようになります。 

Monthly Custom Report & Review


We will provide a detailed summary of work conducted and have a follow-up meeting to answer any questions you may have. We will also review your site’s progress as reported in Google Analytics. From there, we will offer suggestions and advice on moving forward with SEO maintenance and strategy.


Extended Services


  • A team of fluent Japanese speakers working in Japan to help with translation in Japanese and English.
  • Tap into multiple sales channels including Amazon Japan, Rakuten, Shopify and others.
  • Web development and design; corporate branding and logo for Japan.
  • Introductions to our partners in Japan for legal issues such as company setup, import/export, taxes, etc.

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This service is great for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that are either starting off new – or even need a refresh – and want to establish their online presence in their industry in a timely fashion. Whether you’re just getting started in Japan or going international, our well-rounded approach will give your site strong foundation from which to launch. Contact us to get started or to learn more about our basic SEO service!


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