Seasonal Website Maintenance

Regular care and attention for your WordPress or other website at 3,6, or 12-month intervals, fully customized to your needs.

Sell on Rakuten Japan

While the potential rewards are great, getting started as a seller on Rakuten poses plenty of hurdles. With our help, open your shop to millions of customers in Japan.

Sell on Amazon Japan

Tap into the lucrative Japanese market, sell on the most dominant e-commerce platform! | もし、お客様がオンラインでの商品販売を通して、日本市場への参入を真剣にご検討されているのなら、Amazonの利用をお勧めします。

SEO Shape-Up

Shape up your website or e-commerce shop and get found with our SEO package. | Google Japanのような検索エンジンで あなたのサイトを検索上位に!

Shopify Level Up

Boost sales on Shopify! Let Method Medium ‘Level Up’ your online and physical stores!

Website Traffic Management

Lost on the web? Want to be found? Our ongoing traffic management service covers all aspects of getting more visitors in – content management, SEO, analytics, social media management, custom reports, and progress checks and planning at a monthly meeting.

Website Security Sweep

Business in, hackers out | ビジネスチャンスを広げ、ハッカーをシャットアウト

Website Tune-up

Under-the-hood performance upgrades | 内部パフォーマンスのアップグレード